Brendan James promo/release

Ben Starr edit/promo



Ben Starr release

Elli Ritcher prep/edit/promo



Elli Ritcher release

Cyrus or Jah Sun Interview

Cyrus or Jah Sun edit/promo (quick turn around)



Cryrus or Jah Sun release

The other dude's interview, edit/promo



_____ Interview, edit/promo

Potential Interview Guests:

1. Cyrus Bufton

2. Jah Sun

3. Hilary Johnson - Art of Doing Podcast

Schedule Work Flow

1. Interview new guest while intro/outro for previous guest

2. JRD listens/edits/pull quotes

3. Zuttell edit/Soundcloud private

4. Alex listens/edits/pull quotes

5. Add intro and outro at next interview

6. Zutell for final edit/Soundcloud/Ohm

7. Tabby listens & Hanson promo

8. Release promo and make Soundcloud public


Intro - hype session, short, bullets, highlights, hook

Outro - dive deeper, cliff notes, take-aways, review