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“I’ll be dancing outside of my box, you cannot put me there.”

Welcome to the 27th episode of Call to Adventure, where we sit down with Kathryn Budig - internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author known for her accessibility, humor, and ability to empower her students through her message, "aim true.” With over a decade of experience in her field, Budig served as the yoga editor to Women's Health Magazine for five years, was on the Yahoo Health Advisory Board, and regularly contributes to Yoga Journal, The New Potato, and MindBodyGreen. She was an athlete in Under Armour's "I WILL WHAT I WANT" campaign, the co-host of espnW's podcast, Free Cookies with her fiancé Kate Fagan, and is the founder of her animal project, Poses for Paws. She is also the creator of the Aim True Yoga DVD produced by Gaiam and the author of The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga and Aim True.

Often celebrity can bring scrutiny and controversy, especially in the unusual world of modern postural yoga - and Kathryn is no stranger to this reality. She has been the unintended catalyst for debate in the yoga community about the sexualized and commodified female form, and more recently about body image. She seems perfectly suited for that role - with the strength and confidence to step into the lion’s den and emerge better for it - sparking much needed conversations about difficult subjects.

We cover a wide range of topics: Can success and fame co-exist? How to use jealously and competition as inspiration... Labels, sexual identity: finding YOUR human, "meatsuits:" body image and the yoga industrial complex, and stepping (or dancing) out of the box… 



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